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December 2014 Archives

2 men hospitalized after workplace injury

Seeing construction underway may be a sign of a positive economy in some areas of Illinois. Construction workers are hired and paid to build the building, in addition to the possibility of a new business that may create new jobs. However, the potential dangers that face those involved with the construction phase of a project are often overlooked. Unfortunately, two out-of-state men are facing the realities of these dangers after they suffered a workplace injury in an accident at a construction site.

Man killed in fatal workplace accident

There are many jobs in Illinois that most people realize entail a certain degree of risk. While some -- such as construction workers and firefighters -- have more obvious dangers than others, there are risks in every profession. As a result, employers are required to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage to their employees. The family of one out-of-state man may require these benefits after he was killed in a fatal workplace accident.

Higher numbers of Illinois deaths due to a workplace accident

There are millions of people in Illinois who report to work each day in order to support their family. Unfortunately, some of these workers do not return home as a result of a workplace accident. While employers put safety measures in place in order to protect their employees, accidents can still happen.

College student killed in workplace accident

While many jobs in Illinois come with associated risks, most restaurant servers likely feel like they are fairly safe from a serious or fatal injury while on the job. Unfortunately, the recent death of a college student shows that there are often hidden dangers in restaurants that can lead to a workplace accident. Several different organizations are now investigating the out-of-state incident.

Man injured by falling pipes in workplace accident

Most people in Illinois are aware of the dangers that tractor-trailer drivers face every day. In addition to facing long hours on the road, they must also worry about other drivers who are fatigued or careless. While hearing of a truck driver who is injured in a motor vehicle accident is not uncommon, most people are not as aware of the other potential workplace dangers a driver may face. For example, one out-of-state man was recently injured in a workplace accident while loading his truck.

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