Illinois clerk files workers’ compensation claim for over $128k

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There are a certain hazards associated with any job, but in most cases, the role of finance clerk seems to be relatively safe. Unfortunately, the duties required of desk personnel frequently subject employees to hidden injuries that can be exacerbated by time. A prison finance clerk in Illinois has filed a claim for workers’ compensation after sustaining damage to her neck while at work.

The clerk had repeatedly made requests to be supplied with a headset in order to reduce the strain on her neck as she performed the duties of her job. Unfortunately, her requests appeared to have fallen on deaf ears. As a result, she continued to work without an “ergonomically sound work station.” Her pain increased over time and she was forced to eventually seek medical assistance for an ongoing back condition as well as a neck strain.

She later filed a workers’ compensation claim for the amount of $128,424 to cover medical bills. The woman, who has been an employee of the state of Illinois since 1989, would not comment on the case. However, a spokesperson for the Illinois Department of Corrections told reporters that headsets have been ordered to accommodate employees who may need them, and officials are awaiting their arrival.

Cases like this occur more frequently than many people realize. Employees who have made requests or raised suggestions for improving workplace safety often find that their concerns are overlooked. Regardless of their job duties, employees who are forced to seek medical intervention because of a work related injury may find it beneficial to consult with a legal professional with knowledge in workers’ compensation.

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