Industrial workers’ accidents entitle workers to compensation

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When working on an industrial site, it is important for workers to follow safety and security measures as defined by the employer’s policies and procedures. An Illinois man is suffering from injuries that go well beyond the standard job hazards in one of the state’s most recent industrial workers’ accidents. It is unclear what the cause of the accident is at this time. Fortunately, the man will be able to concentrate on his health while his workers’ compensation benefits help financially support his household.

A 34-year-old worker is recovering from severe injuries sustained in a work related accident in Lakemoor on October 6. The man was apparently working with a machine that fabricates granite counters when he was impaled by a 10 by 10 foot drill bit for the machinery just after 9:00 a.m. Firefighters were called to the scene, where it took approximately 12 minutes to remove the worker from the equipment.

Reports state the injury was in the man’s lower back, in an area close to his kidneys. Emergency crews established a Flight for Life landing zone on the highway close to the industrial facility. Once he was removed from the equipment, the man was immediately transported to a Level 1 trauma center. He was conscious when he arrived and was in stable condition.

How the man became impaled by the machinery is not known, as there were no known eye witnesses to the accident. Workers in the facility at the time of the accident say they did not see the accident transpire, but only heard his cries for help once the accident occurred. The quick response of rescue workers from the McHenry Fire Protection District may have saved his life.

Through the efforts of emergency crews, this is one industrial accident that does not have a tragic ending. Nevertheless, the man will likely experience time off from work, and may also experience mitigating financial concerns affecting his quality of life as a result. Workers compensation claims in industrial workers’ accidents are often complex and time-consuming. Anyone suffering from injuries on the job has the right to workers’ compensation benefits.

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