Construction worker killed after falling 15 feet from lift

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Unfortunately, construction accidents are all too common even with a variety of mandated safety measures. Even in Illinois, where there are rules in place to keep the workers as safe as possible, sometimes that is not enough. All it takes is one small mishap to permanently change the lives of those affected. This is particularly evident in a tragic construction accident that recently occurred.

Earlier this month, a 53-year-old man was working at a hotel construction site. In the accident, a crane’s hook block accidently touched the scissor lift on which he had been working. The lift toppled over and the worker fell at least 15 feet onto a concrete deck. He was rushed to a hospital, where he died the following day. The local medical examiner determined that a blunt force trauma to the head caused his death.

The victim’s fellow workers of the man are no doubt concerned about the overall safety of their work sites as they mourn the loss of their co-worker. While the police and Occupational Health and Safety Administration are currently investigating the workplace to determine whether the death came as a result of poor workplace conditions or negligence, this can hardly take away the loss that has already occurred. Nor can anything truly voice the pain and suffering from the man’s family as they grapple with this tragedy.

For Illinois workers who believe that the construction site that they are working for operates under unsafe workplace conditions, this may be a wake-up call. Though construction sites have always held some danger, fatal accidents should not be so common. While this man’s family may be entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits, those who believe that their construction site is unsafe and may potentially injure or kill either themselves or their fellow workers will understandably want to take appropriate action to prevent similar tragedies. Doing so by notifying the appropriate authorities may help save lives.

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