Acid spill seriously injures industrial worker

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As we strive to conquer the economic recession in Illinois and across the country, it is important to make sure that workers remain safe in their jobs. One area of ongoing concern is the handling of dangerous materials in order to minimize the potential of an industrial accident. Though no worker wants to be a part of an accident, unfortunately bad things do happen. A recent industrial accident demonstrates the hazards that workers face in dealing with materials that can potentially cause serious injury or even death.

The industrial accident in question occurred on earlier this month in the early hours of the afternoon. Two workers were unloading acid from a tanker truck and the corrosive material spilled on both of them. Both workers sustained injuries and one was injured seriously enough to require an emergency helicopter to provide transportation to a local hospital for further medical care. The other worker was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The full extent of their injuries was not immediately reported, though the victim’s families and friends surely hope that they recover quickly. An investigation will likely commence to determine how the accident was caused and whether unsafe working conditions were a factor.

Working at a manufacturing plant carries risks, whether the facility is in Illinois or anywhere else in the country. Dangerous chemicals and equipment causing potential injury may be present at every stage of a work operation. Severe injuries often suffered as a result of employer negligence or unsound working conditions cause individuals to lose a substantial sum of wages and may limit their ability to work in the future. Fortunately, workers injured while on the job may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits in order to compensate them for expenses associated with a workplace accident.

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