Plant worker’s legs trapped in heavy machinery

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A common nightmare for some Illinois residents working in a manufacturing environment is being involved in a devastating work accident. The machines used during manufacturing, especially those that involve complex processes, often include pulverizers and shredders that can seriously injure or even kill a worker if an accident occurs. For one worker, this nightmare came true earlier this month when he was seriously injured in an industrial accident.

A man working at the manufacturing company AdFilm was trapped inside a machine at one of the firm’s plants. At 2:30 p.m., fellow workers called emergency medical services and local fire department to report the incident. Though the man was able to be freed from the machine by the time rescue workers arrived, he was still transported by helicopter to a local medical center for leg injuries. His medical condition at the time he was admitted to the hospital was not reported.

While the reason behind his injury was undisclosed, it is possible that this work-related accident may have been entirely avoided had the company followed certain procedures to safeguard workers. When employees operate into dangerous equipment, there are often specific guidelines to protect the workers from sustaining serious injuries. If a company does not adhere to necessary safety guidelines, then they risk exposing their workers to dangerous conditions. Nevertheless, workers’ compensation benefits will likely provide funds to pay for the man’s medical expenses and lost time from work. Typically, in this situation, employers will review their safety procedures, and those involved will want to ensure appropriate procedures are in place to prevent any more injuries from occurring.

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