Shocking work-related injury causes Illinois company to be fined

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A work-related injury is terrible enough by itself. Sometimes even the best precautions are not enough to keep workers from staying safe. However, it is even more of a tragedy when a company allows unsafe practices to continue while not alerting the workers to the potential dangers that exist. This unfortunate practice can cause more problems, such as the work-related injury at a plant operated by an Illinois company.

In September 2011, a worker suffered second and third-degree electrical burns on his hand after touching exposed electronics equipment. After an investigation, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) determined that the company was in violation of allowing its workers to come into contact with the exposed electronics equipment. Additionally there were five other violations assessed against the company for unsafe working conditions, including failing to provide proper safety equipment to workers.

Because of the company’s failure to provide safe working conditions for its employees, OSHA fined the Illinois company $91,000. As costly as this fine is, it is nothing in comparison to the pain and suffering a worker debilitated due to unsafe working conditions may feel. However, an OSHA fine is imposed against a company for past violations and to ensure future safety.

Those with a work-related injury should not hesitate to report the unsafe working conditions. Not only may they be able to receive workers’ compensation as a result of their injuries, but they may also be able to help their fellow workers by addressing underlying safety concerns at work. Knowledgeable legal representation can help those who have concerns with workplace safety.

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