Steel worker loses legs in horrifying industrial accident

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Illinois is often associated with the American steel industry. Unfortunately, the steel production process opens up workers to the possibility of sustaining a work-related injury or illness. While many of the injuries coming from steel plants can be relatively minor, the threat of a catastrophic accident is always lingering. This is especially evident in a recent industrial accident at a Benjamin Steel plant in which a man lost both of his legs.

The accident happened earlier this month, during the middle of the workday. The victim, who had been employed at the steel plant for nearly 19 years, was working when two stock bundles of wall tubing came crashing down. Unfortunately, the worker was in the way of the steel tubes. Nearly five tons of steel fell on his legs and crushed them.

The steel was pulled off his body and he was rushed to a medical center. While they were able to save his life, they were not able to save his legs, both required amputation. Benjamin Steel, which is a leading supply chain firm for the national steel industry, is currently investigating the accident and claims to be doing everything possible to help the victim.

Injuries in the manufacturing sector oftentimes involve repetitive motion stress, which also present unique challenges. In this case, the injured steel worker will have to learn how to do many things again. A simple task, such as walking, will never be quite the same as it was before the accident. Moreover, this injury may hinder his ability to return to his job at the steel plant. The adjustment to life after the injury will likely take quite some time.

For the man who was injured in the industrial accident, life was changed drastically in the matter of seconds. While his family is undoubtedly thankful that he is alive, the man and his family will have to surmount many obstacles as they adjust to living with the man’s new disability. As they go through this difficult time together, workers’ compensation could be of assistance as they deal with medical expenses and lost wages resulting from the accident.

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