Illinois postal worker stands for change after fatal accident

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A fatal work accident can be a difficult thing for anybody to face. However, this is especially for one Illinois postal worker who believes that, had he stood up against what he deemed an unsafe procedure, he may have saved the life of a trucker who was killed in a tragic work accident. Because of this, he is trying to do what he can to change what he believes are unsafe procedures.

The accident happened when a 46-year-old trucker was docking his truck at an Illinois postal distribution center not long ago. Due to national postal procedure change in 2009, contracted truck drivers are required to dock their trucks instead of allowing postal workers to do it. However, something went wrong, and the truck’s gears slipped. The trucker tried to stop the truck, but he failed and was crushed by the truck.

was needless. He thinks that, had the procedures not changed, the man could still be alive. After the incident, this worker was also rushed to the hospital, due to chest pains. Later, he spoke with the press so that he could prompt the change of this new policy.

Undoubtedly, the postal worker feels guilty about not doing anything to prevent the death of the trucker in the work accident, though he is certainly making an effort to turn things around. While the postal service claims that this is a safe and necessary policy, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, in addition to internal investigators, is looking into the matter.

As the family of the deceased trucker struggles with the despair of such a shocking and sudden loss, they may receive some comfort in knowing that they are likely entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits to pay for funeral expenses and recover the income lost as a result of the accident.

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