Illinois man killed in work-related accident while mowing

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When one thinks of accidents on the road, they probably think of a traffic collision, not of a work-related accident. However, many workers in the Illinois Department of Transportation are involved with the general upkeep of the roadways and the areas near the roadways to ensure that motorists are as safe as they can be while driving. Often, this kind of work can be very dangerous and may result in a serious work-related accident.

Unfortunately, one 64-year-old Illinois man passed away after maintaining an embankment along the Interstate highway. He had been mowing the grass alongside road on a tractor when it rolled over and pinned him to the ground. He was eventually found and the accident was reported about an hour before he died.

Many of his fellow workers at the Illinois Department of Transportation, the agency by which the man was employed, are understandably upset. In an emailed statement, a spokesman maintained that safety was the highest priority and that they were saddened for the loss of the man’s family. Unfortunately, as many agricultural workers know, one of the most common work-related accidents involves a tractor rollover. The accident is currently under investigation.

The man’s family and friends are no doubt upset and stunned about this work-related accident. While there is nothing that can be done bring the man back to his loved ones, his family should be reassured that, as they take this time to grieve, that workers’ compensation death benefits can provide for them. In this way, they may be able to readjust to what is an understandably difficult time.

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