Illinois worker falls 5 stories in fatal work accident

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No industrial worker wants to fall in a work accident. Typically, these kinds of long falls are the cause of serious injuries or even death. It is enough for even the most fearless to be careful in high places. There are many safety precautions available for those who are working at industrial plants in high places to prevent accidents like this from happening. Unfortunately, these precautions weren’t enough for one Illinois man, who is dead after a fatal work accident.

The accident happened at a Pepsico Quaker plant. The worker had been working on a manlift five stories high when he fell. Currently, the cause of the accident is unknown; however, the local police department, the coroner, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are investigating the fall to determine the cause of the accident and whether anything can be done to prevent any future accidents.

Unfortunately, in these kinds of industrial environments, working in these kinds of conditions is common and may be a critical part of the job. Because of that, many Illinois workers may one day suffer from falls. For those who survive the fall, they may have to suffer with a debilitating disability for the rest of their lives. For those that don’t survive, their loved ones, like the ones of this worker, are left devastated, wondering how such a horrific accident could have taken place.

For the family of the man, it is understandable how the loss of such a man in such a work accident could have affected them so much. As they continue grieving, they will be thankful to know that they might be entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits. In this way, they may be provided for financially during this difficult time in which they are likely still reeling from the impact of the man’s death.

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