Workers’ compensation needed for man killed in Illinois crash

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For many Illinois drivers, it is hard to contemplate that a trucker would ever need workers’ compensation. After all, truckers are generally the giants of the road. For this reason, they can often seem impervious to other drivers and the thought of them needing workers’ compensation, let alone workers’ compensation death benefits for their families, may seem strange. However, one recent Illinois crash underscores the fact that a tragedy can happen just about any place and to just about anybody.

The accident happened when a trucker was driving a semitrailer-tractor truck along an Illinois interstate. While he was driving, an SUV came up too fast and ended up crashing into the truck. The trucker died at the scene. Later, the SUV driver was charged with driving too fast for conditions and improper lane usage.

While the services that are provided by truckers are essential, they often have to confront a variety of struggles as they navigate the roadways. Unfortunately, there is always the chance of tragedy, even for operators of big rigs on the roadways. The man’s family that he leaves behind is likely devastated by the accident, which may have been easily avoided had the SUV driver followed the flow of traffic.

As they family struggles to come to terms with this incident, some comfort can be taken in knowing that workers’ compensation death benefits may be able to help them through this loss. These death benefits are designed to help a grieving family through this time of trouble and often pay for lost wages, as well the final expenses for laying the worker to rest. In this way, the family can concentrate on trying to cope with the sudden and shocking loss without having to be preoccupied about the financial impact of the tragedy.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “South Carolina truck driver dies in Bishop Ford crash,” Sept. 5, 2012

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