Illinois construction accident: Worker hit by semi, hospitalized

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It is no secret that workers assigned to jobs on Illinois highways face constant danger due to the volume of traffic. While our laws require drivers to exercise an extra degree of safety when driving through a construction zone, sometimes the safeguards in place are not enough to prevent a construction accident.

This particular accident happened on a Tuesday morning shortly after. A semi truck struck a 56-year-old worker from Hamilton County. He was airlifted to a hospital for treatment of his injuries. The nature and extent of the man’s injuries were not disclosed in initial reports, nor was his medical condition.

The construction accident was said to have occurred as the semi drove through the zone. The driver has been identified as a 65 year-old man from out of state. The accident remained under investigation by the Illinois State Police, who were assisted at the scene by local police and emergency services personnel. Criminal charges are said to be pending against the truck driver, which may be an indication of some kind of negligence.

This construction accident raises several legal issues. Thankfully, the worker is likely covered by workers’ compensation benefits to pay for his medical expenses, as well as lost time from work as he struggles to recover from the crash.

In addition to any benefits obtained through filing and pursuing a workers’ compensation claim, the injured worker may also have the right to file a third-party claim against the driver of the semi, in addition to any company for whom the man was working at the time of the collision. In view of the potential legal complexities occasioned by accidents of this nature, the man or his family would do well to gain an understanding of their rights and responsibilities according to Illinois workers’ compensation laws.

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