Illinois worker electrocuted in fatal work accident

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Maintenance workers may potentially encounter several hazards on the job that can cause serious injury or worse. Working around power and gas lines, climbing ladders and using power tools can be very dangerous. Recently, a maintenance supervisor at an Illinois distribution center was electrocuted in an unfortunate work accident. He died a short time later. In the aftermath of this tragedy, his family is likely eligible for workers’ compensation death benefits.

The incident occurred at a Lowe’s Distribution Center in Rockford at about 3:30 p.m. as the 53-year-old employee was doing work on a false ceiling over a conference room. A co-worker reported hearing a noise and shouted out to the worker. The co-worker then rushed to his aid, carrying him down from the ladder he was on and attempting to resuscitate him with CPR.

When paramedics arrived, they found the worker unresponsive. His vital signs were unstable, and he was rushed to a local medical center. A little more than an hour after the work accident occurred, the maintenance supervisor was pronounced dead. No details were given as to why the accident might have occurred or whether it is being investigated.

As the man’s loved ones prepare to lay him to rest, they may face mounting expenses from his brief hospitalization, funeral and burial. Additionally, they may suffer financially from losing his income. It might be helpful for them to learn about any benefits they may be eligible to receive under the workers’ compensation laws in Illinois. Financial assistance can offer some comfort in their time of grief, and allow them to focus on their emotional needs following the tragic work accident.

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