Work accident at Illinois Caterpillar plant injures employee

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An Illinois worker is listed in critical condition at the hospital after an explosion and fire at a Caterpillar Mine Equipment Repair and Service Plant in Saline County. The work accident occurred at around 8:15 a.m. on a recent Monday morning in a building that was separate from the main plant. Both Caterpillar and the State Fire Marshal are investigating the incident to determine the cause. In the meantime, the financial assistance offered by workers’ compensation may alleviate a lot of worries as the worker tries to get back on his feet.

According to reports, the worker sustained burns and had to be airlifted to an out-of-state hospital. He was reportedly the only one present in the building, which is said to be a paint booth, at the time the explosion occurred. The blast did not damage the main building, and no other employees were injured.

The work accident kept emergency crews at the scene for about four hours. First responders included deputies from the Saline and Williamson counties, as well as fire crews from Carrier Mills. Fortunately, none of the emergency responders were injured in the aftermath of the accident.

Given the severity of the worker’s injuries, he likely faces a long recovery period. During that time, his family may have financial difficulties resulting from medical expenses and lost income. Under Illinois workers’ compensation, he is likely entitled to benefits that will help him and his family overcome their financial hardships during this difficult time. Any worker who is injured in a work accident may benefit from exploring what benefits are available to him or her.

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