Construction accident injures worker at Illinois hospital

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Specially trained firefighters came to an Illinois construction worker’s rescue recently after he suffered an injury while working on a hospital roof. The construction accident occurred in Naperville when materials fell on the man as he was working above the fourth floor. The accident caused him to fall, and rescue teams had to use a crane to lower him from the construction area to the ground so he could receive medical treatment.

According to reports, the man was injured at around 8 a.m. as he was working on the hospital’s new addition. Firefighters with training in crane rescues arrived on the scene to secure the worker in a basket, which was then attached to the crane and brought to the ground. It took approximately 40 minutes to rescue him.

Once he was safely to the ground, he was taken to the emergency room at the hospital where he was working. It was not reported what kind of injuries the man received, or how serious they were. Fortunately, no one else was injured in the construction accident, and work resumed on the new addition a short time later.

As the construction worker recovers from his injuries, he is likely eligible to receive some financial assistance from Illinois’ workers’ compensation. The benefits he receives can help him with medical bills and related costs, as well as any lost wages from the time he must take off while he recovers from the construction accident. Anyone who becomes injured or ill at work may wish to look at the full range of benefits they may be eligible to receive.

Source: Daily Herald, “Crews use crane to rescue injured worker at Edward Hospital,” Marie Wilson, Feb. 20, 2013

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