Plant worker suffers amputation in work injury

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A worker at Agri-Fab plant in Sullivan, Illinois suffered an amputation in a work injury. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration handed Agri-Fab three citations for unsafe work conditions and repeat safety violations in the plant. The penalties amount to almost $100,000. The specifics of the work injury were not reported.

OSHA determined that Agri-Fab had failed to recognize the unsafe working conditions in the manufacturing plant. There was a lack of quality training for their employees in proper operation and maintenance of the equipment. It was not indicated exactly how the work injury occurred, but in combination with the citations from the Department of Labor, some may argue that it might have happened because of the lack of concern for the health and safety of their employees.

The repeated violations that were listed in the citations included failure to have proper procedures in place, safety regulations in plant operations, and proper maintenance. This Illinois plant was cited for similar violations back in 2012. It is not said if the work injury was a direct result of the lack of compliance with the citations and regulations.

Understandably, it is disconcerting to work in an environment where there is a lack of concern of the safety of employees. While many workers do not have a choice and need the income from these jobs, it is important to know your rights as a worker while on the job. Some jobs, particularly at places like manufacturing plants, require tasks that can be dangerous. With the proper safety standards and protocols in place, these high-risk jobs can be performed with a measure of security and confidence with less risk of a work injury.

If a company like Agri-Fab has multiple safety violations with a direct consequence to its employees, it could happen in other plants or facilities. Work injuries are common place and are typically covered by workers’ compensation benefits. This important insurance gives employees financial protection when an injury or illness occurs on the job. Medical expenses and lost income while recovering are some of the benefits covered workers receive by a successfully presented claim.

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