Much of workers’ compensation comes from back and neck injuries

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A Villa Grove, Illinois worker was eventually awarded over $1 million for a workers’ compensation claim involving back injuries. He was employed for many years by the Union Pacific Railroad as a welder. He filed a workers’ compensation claim for serious back injuries that required surgery and left him unable to work.

The Illinois man claimed that his job duties required him to bend in such positions that, over time, resulted in irrevocable damage to his back. He suffered a herniated disc that required surgery and also suffered permanent nerve damage. His workers’ compensation claim asserts that he would not have suffered these injuries had it not been for his job. His employer argued in court that his injuries were his own fault, due to bad health habits and poor genetics.

The court upheld the man’s workers’ compensation claim and awarded him about half of the $2 million he sought. The former employee claims that he lost his career, ability to live a normal life. He asserted that his prolonged injuries would require additional surgery. This back injury settlement was awarded based upon the evidence that was presented to the court.

Back and neck injury suits are some of the most commonly filed workers’ compensation claims. Financial compensation may be awarded when it can be proven that injuries were sustained in the normal course of job duties. This particular man was able to provide adequate medical evidence to prove his case.

Back and neck injuries are regularly suffered in the daily duties required by many jobs. If an injury has been sustained in this manner, the first step is to examine any evidence, particularly medical evidence. Properly filed and processed workers’ compensation claims can result in financial awards when sufficient evidence is presented on a worker’s behalf.

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