Illinois worker fired after filing workers’ compensation

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An Illinois worker is claiming that he was fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim with his employer. The man was an employee for a transport company and when he endured injuries. He claims that he was wrongfully terminated shortly after filing his workers’ compensation claim.

The man was working for the Illinois-based company Commercial Transport at the time of his injuries. If his claim of wrongful termination is found to be true, the company would be in violation of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. The former employee has filed a formal suit in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

The man claims that he has lost his health benefits, wages, and pension and that he is suffering socially and financially from his termination. Additionally he claims that he is suffering from mental anguish as well as the physical pain from his injuries. His suit is seeking a total $100,000 for punitive damages and such, plus legal costs.

The law prevents employers from wrongfully terminating employees that are injured and deserving of compensation. The workers’ compensation laws are in place to protect and serve those that may otherwise have no financial recourse if injured on the job. A disregard for those laws could mean serious legal trouble for the company.

If the man’s claims are found to be true, he could be eligible for financial compensation for his injuries in addition to the wrongful termination. Workers have the right to claim compensation if they are injured on the job. The law protects this right for all employees.

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