Hit by car in construction accident in Illinois

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When driving on the road it is important to pay attention to one’s surroundings. Not only do motorists have to worry about other drivers, they also have to worry about workers in construction sites who may be doing road work. This can help avoid a potential construction accident which could cause injury. However, one driver may have failed to do this when the driver hit a construction worker while driving his car on the road in Illinois.

The incident happened in mid-July when a 41-year-old male driver was driving on Illinois Route 9. Somehow the driver collided into a 53-year-old woman construction zone flagger who was immediately transported to a local hospital following the incident. The woman was lasted reported in fair condition in the evening following the accident.

The driver claims he was attempting to avoid hitting another vehicle which had stopped for the construction flagger. The authorities discovered the man was driving with a suspended license and arrested him immediately. The exact criminal charges are still pending, according to the latest reports.

Fortunately, the worker was not killed as a result of the construction accident in Illinois. However, she will be facing some significant medical bills once she leaves the hospital. Also, if she is forced to stop working as a result of the injuries, she could be looking at some serious financial problems. However, she may be able to obtain workers’ compensation benefits which can help with some of the expenses arising from the injury suffered on the job.

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