Illinois temp workers may be missing out on workers’ compensation

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In Illinois, workers’ compensation is offered through employers. However, there are concerns that some temporary and migrant workers that may slip through the system without the safety net of workers’ compensation. Many of these workers are not in the system because they are concerned about their immigrant status. But what happens to these employees when they are injured on the job?

Some of these employees live in meager conditions, even in Illinois, often surviving on minimum wage and scant meals. Should one of these workers be injured, it could devastate the already fragile existence that they have. In fact, it is estimated that almost one fifth of the work force growth in the last few years is from employment of temp workers.

The temp employment process can sometimes be beneficial to both the worker and the employer. By distancing itself from its employees through hiring a lot of temp workers, the employer can save money on benefits to employees. Workers that need fast and reliable employment also benefit from the relationship. However, there may be issues with this mostly symbiotic relationship.

What happens to the temp worker or migrant worker should they be injured? What if his or her immigrant status causes fear of seeking needed medical treatment? For these employees, there may be no recourse should they be hurt and they may not be eligible for workers’ compensation. There are no simple solutions for this problem. If there is concern that an employee is being mistreated or that he or she is denied benefits that are rightfully theirs, there are options available to seek legal redress.

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