Illinois man killed in construction accident

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Logically, most people are aware that each moment could be their last. However, this doesn’t always have a realistic application. An unexpected death in a family, even with this logical realization, is often extremely difficult to cope with both emotionally and financially. Fortunately, when such a death comes as a result of a workplace accident, the family of a deceased employee does have certain financial benefits. The family of an Illinois man is likely wondering today how they will cope with his death after a construction accident took his life.

The 54-year-old man was performing a task that he likely felt was relatively safe. In early August, he was standing behind dump truck driven by a 71-year-old man in an attempt to assist the driver while he backed up. Unfortunately, the driver of the dump truck lost sight of the man, and the truck struck him before rolling over him.

The driver of the struck was transported to an area hospital for treatment of minor injuries. Unfortunately, the younger man was pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities are currently investigating the accident.

The family of this deceased man is likely in shock over the news of his death. In addition to their grief, they will have to provide for his funeral expenses while dealing with the loss of his income. Relief over the stress for the financial implications of the man’s death as a result of the construction accident can come in the form of workers’ compensation. Most states such as Illinois require employers to provide such coverage in the event of a workplace death or injury. These benefits can be applied to dependents of deceased employees; however, in some cases, additional action may be helpful when going through the complicated process of compensation.

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