Illinois family likely entitled to workers’ compensation

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Indoor plumbing is a relatively modern marvel that most people take for granted. Because of this, people do not consider the effort that goes into providing this convenience. It would come as a shock to some that a city’s sewer workers could potentially be placing their lives in jeopardy to help the average resident enjoy this convenience without interruption. Unfortunately, one Illinois family is all too familiar with the risk as they now face the loss of their loved one. However, thanks to state laws, they are likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to help handle the loss of the family member.

The 25-year-old sewer worker, although he loved his job, had previously expressed concerns about his safety as a sewer worker. According to his family members, he was particularly concerned about his safety during times of heavy snowfall and rain. Unfortunately, his fears were realized in September. According to reports, he was trapped in the sewer during a period of heavy rain.

Rescue workers were eventually able to locate the man with the use of a remotely controlled camera. Although he was transported to an area hospital, he ultimately passed away. His wife apparently learned of his death through social media.

The man, who was reportedly dedicated to his family, leaves behind his wife of six years and three young children. The workers’ compensation benefits the man’s surviving family members are likely entitled to by Illinois state law can help with funeral expenses, medical bills and lost wages. However, the family may find it helpful to seek additional help while they attempt to gain adequate compensation.

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