Workplace injury at Illinois paint company leads to investigation

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Most companies do their best to ensure employee safety by preventing workplace injuries. However, certain government organizations, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, have been put in place in ensure that companies are meeting standards to keep workers safe. In the event of an accident or workplace injury, OSHA will investigate the incident to see what can prevent future incidences. For example, an explosion at an Illinois paint company has recently triggered an investigation by OSHA.

In March, an explosion happened at the paint company after the ignition of flammable paint vapors. As a result of the explosion, three employees were seriously injured. Upon the completion of the investigation, OSHA has recommended over $250,000 in fines as a result of over 26 safety violations.

Some of the alleged violations deal with unusable exits, a major problem during a fire. One specific example detailed a man who had to crawl under equipment with his shirt on fire in order to reach an exit. Upon arriving at the door, he found that the door was impassable. The company, Fox Valley Systems, has the option of contesting the violations.

While organizations such as OSHA work to prevent accidents and hold companies accountable in the event that one occurs, the employees who were injured as a result of this accident will need financial compensation in order to cope with their medical expenses and time missed from work while they recover. Fortunately, states such as Illinois require employers to provide employees with workers’ compensation coverage in the event of a workplace injury. While the coverage likely extends to those injured during this explosion, these injured workers may find that additional assistance in gaining their compensation could ensure that they are adequately and efficiently compensated.

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