Contractor at Illinois airport killed in workplace accident

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While some people accept that there is a certain degree of risk as they complete their responsibilities at their place of employment, others feel relatively safe. However, many people overlook some of the hidden dangers. Fortunately, most states require employers to provide workers’ compensation coverage for their employees in case they are injured at work. In some cases, these benefits may be extended to cover an employee’s dependents if he or she is killed during a workplace accident. The family members of a man killed at an Illinois airport may qualify for these benefits after his death in a tragic accident.

The 59-year-old man was a contractor at O’Hare Airport. He was working on top of a terminal one morning in mid-November, approximately 35 feet in the air. Unfortunately, he fell from the roof as he worked.

The contractor was transported to an area hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, he later died from injuries. Generally after a workplace accident such as this, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration will conduct an investigation in order to determine what caused the accident and what changes, in any, need to be made in order to prevent similar accidents in the future.

While it is important for OSHA to determine if the company violated any safety and/or health standards which led to the employee’s death, the family likely has other pressing concerns as they struggle to come to terms with the tragedy. They will have to cope with funeral expenses and loss of the man’s wages as a result of the Illinois workplace accident. In many cases, workers’ compensation benefits are payable to the dependents who suffers a fatal workplace injury. Some people in similar situations have found it helpful to seek guidance as they try to navigate the complexities of the regulations surrounding such coverage.

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