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December 2013 Archives

Illinois construction worker gets injured on the job and dies

Construction work in Illinois can be a rewarding profession. New homes and businesses often require construction workers. Additionally, renovation work, like that being completed at a Vernon Hills mall, requires the expertise of the construction worker. Along with the sense of accomplishment in seeing the job completed, construction work can also prove to be hazardous. An Illinois construction worker was recently injured on the job and died as a result of his injuries.

Illinois chemical plant explosion leads to work-related injury

Some workplaces have a higher risk for danger than others, especially if workers are exposed to hazardous materials that have the potential to cause injury, illness or death. A fire and explosion at an Illinois chemical plant on Dec. 13 resulted in work-related injury. Investigators are currently looking into what set off the incident that sent two workers to the hospital with burns.

Family of deceased man could receive workers' compensation

Most people understand that there is some risk of danger or injury in most things that they do. However, this knowledge is unlikely to prevent people from completing their everyday tasks and duties. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of employers to maintain a safe working environment for their employees, workers are often injured or killed while completing these tasks. Most states, such as Illinois, require employers to provide workers' compensation coverage in the event that an industrial accident occurs. The family of a deceased man may now be entitled to such compensation after a tragic accident took the life of their young family member.

Illinois temp worker sustained workplace injury on first day

Being a temporary worker may seem like a beneficial opportunity for Illinois residents looking for work. However, temporary workers face the same hazards as full-time workers and could be at risk for suffering a workplace injury. If temporary employees are not given the proper training to handle the situations they may encounter while on the job, their risk for injury could increase, and their claims may not be taken as seriously as full-time employees.

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