Illinois chemical plant explosion leads to work-related injury

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Some workplaces have a higher risk for danger than others, especially if workers are exposed to hazardous materials that have the potential to cause injury, illness or death. A fire and explosion at an Illinois chemical plant on Dec. 13 resulted in work-related injury. Investigators are currently looking into what set off the incident that sent two workers to the hospital with burns.

Blue Island Phenol, which is located just south of Chicago, was the scene of the blast. According to reports, the workers were burned as they were responding to the explosion. However, they were able to leave the scene on their own. After being transported to a hospital in Oak Lawn, they were transferred to the burn center at Loyola University Medical Center. They are reportedly in stable condition.

The fire that broke out in the aftermath of the blast was located in the middle of the plant, making it difficult for firefighters to reach. The plant and surrounding area were evacuated due to possible health concerns from the chemicals. However, representatives from environmental agencies determined that there was no cause for concern, and the evacuation orders were lifted.

The two employees who suffered burn injuries were able to get treatment quickly, which will likely aid in their healing process. However, they may face a long period of time off work as they recover. Anyone in Illinois who suffers from a work-related injury may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits that provide financial assistance for medical expenses and lost wages. However, the process can sometimes be confusing and complex, so individuals who apply for workers’ compensation may wish to seek assistance in order to ensure that they are getting the most from their benefits.

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