Illinois temp worker sustained workplace injury on first day

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Being a temporary worker may seem like a beneficial opportunity for Illinois residents looking for work. However, temporary workers face the same hazards as full-time workers and could be at risk for suffering a workplace injury. If temporary employees are not given the proper training to handle the situations they may encounter while on the job, their risk for injury could increase, and their claims may not be taken as seriously as full-time employees.

One Illinois woman gave her account of sustaining an injury after spending only one day at a job where she was sent as a temporary employee. The facility at which she spent that day manufactured plastic products. According to her report, she was making a plastic mold when she suffered a painful burn on her hand. She attempted to report the incident to her temporary employment agency, but they urged her not to pursue the issue.

The woman also claims to remember that other employees also appeared to have suffered burns on their hands and arms. Many temporary employees do not report such incidents because they need the work and do not want to risk losing their position due to complaining. Unfortunately, losing opportunities due to filing a complaint is possibly a reality as the woman claims she has not been asked to fill more positions from the agency.

If an employee suffers a workplace injury, they should not be afraid to report the incident. Alerting others to the dangers that temporary workers face could help increase safety precautions for those and other workers. If an employee does sustain a serious injury while on the job, they may wish to determine whether they could possibly be entitled to workers’ compensation. Information on Illinois laws dealing with the issue could help an individual learn how to best handle their particular circumstances.

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