Illinois family may qualify for workers’ compensation

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Some workplaces are, by nature, more dangerous than others. For example, most people would expect that a workplace accident is more likely at a construction site than an office setting. Beyond working in partially completed buildings and structures, there is often heavy machinery involved. Fortunately, most employers strive to preserve the safety of their employees in all settings and provide workers’ compensation benefits, as is typically required by law, in the event of an accident. One family in Illinois will likely qualify for such benefits after a tragic accident took one man’s life.

In late December, a 37-year-old man was working on the site of a house that was under construction. Family members report that the man’s job was to install siding. Reports indicate that the man was found on the ground outside of the house. He was face-down and unresponsive at the time of his discovery.

Emergency services were called, and the man was transported to an area hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, he later died from his injuries. It is suspected that he fell from the roof of the house, but his death remains under investigation.

While the cause of the accident is being determined, the man’s family — including a teenage son — is likely struggling to come to terms with their grief and wondering about their financial future. In addition to funeral expenses, the family will likely face medical bills, burial costs and lost wages. Most states, including Illinois, require employers to provide workers’ compensation coverage for the benefit of their employees, insurance coverage that generally extends to family members in the event of the worker’s death. However, the compensation process is sometimes lengthy and complicated. Many people have found assistance from those familiar with the process beneficial.

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