Workplace accident at steel plant fatal for 49-year-old man

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Millions of employees report to work every single day. Most employers strive to ensure the safety of their employees by meeting safety and health standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as well as other organizations. Unfortunately, accidents can still happen, prompting states such as Illinois to require employers to provide benefits that will give financial compensation to workers who fall victim to a workplace accident.

The family of one man may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits after a tragic accident resulted in his death. The accident occurred in the middle of February. Reports indicate that a 49-year-old employee at a steel company died after a vat of liquid steel spilled in the shop. Apparently, a cable holding the vat as it was moved broke, causing the spill.

A sheriff estimated that approximately 38 tons of steel were spilled. A fire apparently began after the spill, to which the local fire department responded. A second employee was treated for shock at the hospital. OSHA reports that the company has previously been cited for serious accidents in the past. Generally, accidents such as this result in an investigation by OSHA to determine exactly what occurred and if any safety or health standards were violated.

While OSHA conducts its investigation into the workplace accident, the family of the deceased man is likely facing an uncertain financial future. They will have to cope with funeral expenses along with the loss of the man’s income. Workers injured in workplace accidents in Illinois (or the dependents of those killed) likely qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Even though state law requires this sort of coverage, many people have difficulty navigating the sometimes complicated and confusing channels that lead to a compensation award. These people sometimes find that assistance from those familiar with the system can help ensure they receive the compensation to which they are entitled in a timely manner.

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