Workplace accident claims 2 lives

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A large portion of Americans report to work daily. When they do so, they likely do not expect that their shift could potentially be their last. Recently, however, two men lost their lives in a fatal workplace accident out on the west coast. For the families of these workers, as well as the families of workers who are killed at work in Illinois, they likely qualify for workers’ compensation benefits on behalf of their deceased loved one.

The accident occurred in early February at a granite company. Two men were working to unload large granite slabs from a shipping container. A representative for the company claims that the frames holding the slabs in place may have shifted in transit. As a result, when the two men attempted to unload the truck, a slab unexpectedly fell out and landed on the men.

One man was trapped in the middle of the slab, covered to his neck. The other man was hit by the side of the slab. Firefighters reportedly had to break several sections of granite in order to free the men. Unfortunately, they both died from the injuries they suffered in the accident.

Even companies who fastidiously observe all safety and health standards occasionally experience accidents. Because of this, states such as Illinois typically require employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage for their workers. Such coverage helps injured employees, or their families in the case of a fatality, with the costs associated with a workplace accident. This coverage can help with funeral expenses, lost wages and medical bills. However, some people have found it difficult to secure full compensation in a timely manner, prompting some to seek additional assistance.

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