Teenager injured in workplace accident at Illinois ski park

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Those who have decided to spend the day at a ski park know that they may potentially witness an injury. However, they might expect that an injury would be in the form of a skier falling, for example. Unfortunately, at one ski park in Illinois, some visitors witnessed a gruesome workplace accident that will likely require a long recovery period for the injured worker.

The accident happened in an afternoon in early March. Witnesses indicate that a 17-year-old employee of Raging Buffalo Ski Park became entrapped in a lift. Specifically, some claim that his arm became caught in a gear. It took over an hour for rescuers to free the teenager from the equipment.

Once freed, he was transported by helicopter to a hospital for treatment. A statement released by his family indicates that, although he is stable, his recovery will likely be a long process. In cases of a workplace accident such as this, an investigation led by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is often initiated. In most circumstances, the agency has up to six months to complete its investigation.

While the OSHA investigation will help determine what can be done to prevent a similar accident in the future, the teenager and his family are presently facing the financial ramifications of the workplace accident. In addition to his current healthcare bills and future rehabilitation, the family may lose wages if his parents are required to miss work to provide care for him. While the injured teenager is likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, it is often difficult for those who are unfamiliar with Illinois laws governing workers’ compensation to navigate the path to compensation. Some have found it helpful to seek guidance from those who are more familiar with the process.

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