Workplace injury leaves man in guarded condition

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Sometimes, even the most cautious of people find it impossible to avoid an accident that could result in significant economic ramifications. When an accident occurs while a person is performing his or her assigned job tasks in Illinois and other states, they likely qualify for workers’ compensation benefits during the period of treatment and recovery. An out-of-state workplace injury suffered by one employee will likely leave him with a long road of recovery and result in significant medical bills.

In early April, the 48-year-old man was working at Pacemaker Steel and Piping Company. He was cutting straps holding a bundle of steel together when a different bundle fell on him. By the time emergency responders arrived, the man’s coworkers had used a crane system to remove part of the material pinning him. However, it is estimated that the man’s leg was still trapped by approximately 5,000 tons of steel when emergency workers arrived on the scene.

Some reports estimate that the man was trapped under the steel for over 40 minutes. He was transported to a nearby hospital with a serious injury to his leg as well as possible internal injuries but was later listed in guarded condition. The accident is under investigation by several different agencies, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The man likely faces a long road of recovery, involving many doctor visits and rehabilitation, all of which could be very expensive. To further complicate his financial situation, he may face lost wages if he is unable to work due to the injuries he suffered. Fortunately, he likely qualifies for workers’ compensation benefits as a result of his workplace injury. Workers in Illinois who have been entitled to such benefits have found that the path to compensation is sometimes confusing, requiring knowledge of the laws and processes governing such benefits to ensure that full compensation is received in a timely manner.

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