2 men injured in workplace accident

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Electricity is one of the many wonders of the natural world that humans have luckily been able to harness to their own benefit. Billions of people across the globe have it wired into their house to sustain their lifestyle. Nevertheless, many people in Illinois do not realize the dangers associated with it. This lesson, however, has been made all too obvious to a pair of workers who were recently hospitalized due to injuries caused by electricity in a workplace accident.

In late April, a report about an electrical issue was made concerning a building. Two men, an employee of the electric company and an employee of the company that manages the building, reportedly came to investigate the issue. While investigating, an arc flash — which happens when an electric current travels through the air from one conductor to another — occurred. Both men were burned.

They each suffered serious injuries. The employee of the electric company is in critical condition. The condition of the other injured man is unclear at this time.

A workplace accident can often have devastating consequences for workers in Illinois. In addition to medical bills, an injured worker may not be able to return to work for a significant period of time — if ever — resulting in lost wages. Thankfully, states require employers to pay for workers’ compensation insurance coverage to provide financial assistance in the event of an injury or fatality. While workers are entitled to this coverage, knowledge of applicable state laws and the procedures necessary to file a claim can be helpful to ensure that compensation is both fair and timely.

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