Federal investigation started into fatal workplace accident

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Many families in Illinois are firmly entrenched in their own personal routine. They get up each day and prepare for the activities. When all family members return home in the evening, their routine may include dinner together and television, for example. Unfortunately, one family’s routine came to a screeching halt after the death of a man in a workplace accident. Such an unexpected death can frequently cause unanticipated financial repercussions, in addition to the more obvious emotional ones.

The accident occurred in Midwestern state one morning in mid-July. The 59-year-old victim was an employee of Josten Concrete Products. He was apparently working underneath a 3,200 pound culvert, a concrete structure, that was suspended from the air. According to reports, the culvert slipped, falling on the man and trapping him underneath. He died at the scene.

As a result of the fatality, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has launched an investigation to determine if any safety or health standards were violated leading up to the man’s death. If violations are found, the company could face a fine and citation. An inspection of the company in 2008 revealed six violations.

While an OSHA investigation may be able to prevent a similar incident in the future, the family of the deceased man is likely struggling with his death. The loss of his income, in addition to the cost of a funeral, may create a precarious financial situation for the grieving family. Victims of workplace accident such as this in Illinois are generally entitled to workers’ compensation that will cover these, as well as other, expenses related to the accident. However, the path to compensation may be difficult for those who are unfamiliar with the process.

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