Man suffers workplace injury during chemical reaction

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Most anyone in Illinois who took high school chemistry knows of the magic that can come from mixing certain substances together. A knowledge of how chemicals react can have a great deal of positive consequences. However, there is also a certain degree of risk when it comes to working with such chemicals. Unfortunately, one out-of-state man knows first hand of these dangers after a workplace injury put him in the hospital.

The 44-year-old man was apparently burned during the incident that happened around 10 p.m. one night in late June. Reports indicate that the man was using sodium hydroxide to neutralize hydrochloric acid when the accident occurred. The chemicals apparently reacted in an unexpected manner, causing an explosion.

Although the man appeared to have been wearing some sort of protective gear, spray from the chemicals burned his face. He was transported by ambulance to an area hospital for treatment. The man’s current condition is unclear. One person familiar with the accident stated that all appropriate organizations, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, will be notified.

Unfortunately, a workplace injury such as this can have significant financial consequences for the injured man and his family. In addition to hospital bills, he may also have to miss work, resulting in lost wages as he struggles to recover. However, the state of Illinois requires employers to provide employees with workers’ compensation coverage. This form of insurance coverage can help those coping with the financial ramifications of an accident at work. Several people have found assistance with the compensation process by those with previous experience helpful in securing adequate compensation.

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