Workplace accident injures 2 men

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Accidents happen all the time. Because of the risk of a workplace accident, all states, including Illinois, require employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage for their employees. A recent out-of state accident demonstrates the importance of these benefits after two men were injured at work.

The accident happened one afternoon in early October. Two contractors were reportedly working on a gas and oil well. The wellhead apparently ruptured, resulting in one of the men being struck by several hundred pounds of pressure. The pressure propelled that man into the second.

One of the men was transported by helicopter to an area hospital and was in critical condition. The other man suffered minor injuries and was transported by ambulance. Their current condition and identities are unclear. Although a source who was at the scene said oil was spilling from the well, he says it has now been contained. Efforts are now focused on determining the cause of the accident.

When a person is injured at work, he or she must cope with not only the physical ramifications of the workplace accident but also the financial. These two men will likely face medical bills and potentially lost wages as they recover. In fact, the critically injured man may never be able to return to his jobs in the same capacity as before. In Illinois, those injured by such an accident may be entitled to workers’ compensation for the expenses stemming from the incident. However, the process is sometimes complicated, prompting some people to seek assistance from those with experience in obtaining full compensation.

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