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February 2015 Archives

Workplace accident ends with teenager's death

People in Illinois and across the country who work hard to support themselves and their family members. As they do so, they likely attempt to preserve their safety as they complete their job-related tasks. Despite their best efforts, however, a workplace accident can still take place, and the results can be devastating. For example, one out-of-state teenager was recently killed while working on a roof.

Nurses who follow lifting technique still suffer back injury

Most people in Illinois who have ever attempted to lift anything have heard about the importance of lifting with the legs, not the back. Many large items purchased at stores even have warnings on the boxes explaining the necessity to "team lift." In fact, nursing schools apparently teach about the importance of using body mechanics to lift patients in order to prevent a back injury. Unfortunately, some studies show that such a technique will not actually prevent an injury.

Man dies in Illinois construction accident

There are many hazards that people face every day. While there are more obvious ones, such as a reckless driver or severe weather, there are ones that are unexpected, especially in a person's place of employment. For example, one man was recently killed in a bizarre construction accident in Illinois involving a lift.

Man dies in Illinois construction accident

Most people are aware of the fragility of human life. Despite this knowledge, the loss of a loved one in an unexpected accident always comes as a shock. There is much those grieving must deal with at such a time, but if the loss occurs at work, workers' compensation insurance coverage may be applicable. One family in Illinois may qualify for these benefits after a man was killed in a construction accident.

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