Workplace accident ends with teenager’s death

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People in Illinois and across the country who work hard to support themselves and their family members. As they do so, they likely attempt to preserve their safety as they complete their job-related tasks. Despite their best efforts, however, a workplace accident can still take place, and the results can be devastating. For example, one out-of-state teenager was recently killed while working on a roof.

The accident happened in mid-February. According to reports, the 19-year-old was an employee of National Gypsum Company.  He was working on a roof when he stepped on a skylight while he was attempting to fasten his safety line. Unfortunately, he fell through the light.

He was taken to a local hospital for treatment but ultimately passed away from the injuries he suffered in the fall. The man’s death will likely trigger an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The organization typically has up to six months to complete an investigation and issue its findings.

Those who have lost a loved one in such a tragic, unexpected manner likely know of the turmoil the family of the deceased man is experiencing as a result of this workplace accident. In addition to their grief, many families who lose a loved one also must face the financial ramifications of such a loss. While a family could be concerned about the impact of funeral expenses and the loss of wages, those who suffer a loss as a result of an accident such as this are likely entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits. A professional experienced with such benefits in Illinois can help ensure that a grieving loved one is treated fairly throughout the claims process.

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