Compensation for back, neck injuries suffered at work in Illinois

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Most people believe that employees who have been injured at work deserve to be compensated for their medical treatment and lost wages. However, some injured workers in Illinois struggle to convince their employer and the insurance company providing the benefits that their injuries were caused by completing their job responsibilities. As a result, if you have suffered back or neck injuries as a result of repetitive motions performed at work, you may need the help of the attorneys at Hannigan Botha & Sievers, Ltd. to help fight for workers’ compensation benefits.

Injuries to the back and neck can have serious consequences. While such injuries suffered in a car accident or traumatic event may be easier to prove, if you were injured at work as a result of repeated contact or rotations of movement, you may have a more difficult time ensuring you receive rightful compensation. Fortunately, our experienced attorneys are prepared to fight for you.

These injuries can impact employees who have been trained regarding proper lifting techniques and followed all safety recommendations. It is crucial that those suffering from such injuries receive proper medical treatment in order to reduce the impact on their everyday lives. Our attorneys are experienced with the workers’ compensation process and understand the terminology used by medical professionals and insurance companies.

If you suffered back or neck injuries at work, you deserve proper treatment and adequate compensation. While employers are required by Illinois law to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage in the event of an injury, recovering those benefits is not always easy. Our attorneys are willing to fight for you and ensure you are treated fairly throughout the process.

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