Man could face life without arm due to workplace injury

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While there is some degree of risk in almost all occupations, some hold more potential dangers than others. For example, those who deal with heavy machinery may have a higher risk of becoming injured than those who work at a computer. Regardless of the type of occupation, states such as Illinois require employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance benefits to help in the event an employee suffers a workplace injury. One out-of-state man will likely need such benefits after a serious accident caused the loss of his arm.

The accident happened one morning in April. A 38-year-old man apparently became entangled in a piece of machinery. He arm was severed as a result.

Employees at the company, Northern Contours, who have emergency response training were able to put the arm in ice in hopes it can be reattached. Reports indicate that the man was stable and conscious when he left the facility. Although reports note that he underwent surgery to reattach the arm, his current condition and whether the surgery was successful is unclear at this time.

Even if his arm is successfully reattached, the man will likely have to deal with the consequences of his workplace injury for the rest of his life. He will certainly need extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation, and he may never be able to return to work in the same capacity. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits could potentially help with these issues. Those in Illinois who have found themselves in a similar situation have sought the help of a professional with experience with the process to help fight for all of the compensation required to cope with the ramifications of their injury.

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