Officials investigate fatal workplace accident

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Most people in Illinois are concerned about their safety. They take appropriate measures to ensure their safety as they maneuver about the world. Unfortunately, many potential dangers are unexpected and cannot be prevented, especially in the workplace. For an example, a recent out-of-state workplace accident has resulted in the death of a young man.

Reports indicate that that incident occurred one afternoon in May. A 23-year-old male employee of A+ Pool and Spa Company was working at a private residence. He is believed to have been using an excavator truck when it rolled over him.

Unfortunately, the young man died at the scene. The details of the accident are unclear at this time. However, an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will work to determine the events leading up to the accident.

Regardless of the findings reported in OSHA’s investigation, the family of the deceased man will likely face certain financial complications due to the unexpected workplace accident. Victims of a workplace accident in Illinois are typically entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to help cope with the medical bills and loss of wages. These benefits typically extend to the worker’s immediate family in the event of a fatality and can also provide for funeral expenses. Because arguing with an insurance company is the last thing grieving family members want to deal with, a professional with experience concerning the workers’ compensation process can fight to help ensure that grieving family members receive all of the compensation to which they are entitled.

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