Overexertion leading cause of workplace injuries

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Workplace accidents come in many sizes and varieties. They can range from minor and trivial to severe and fatal. And wild practically any worker can be injured in practically any job, some types of work or activity tend to generate more workplace injuries.

According to one insurance company, the largest single cause of workplace injury is overexertion, which makes up about 25 percent of all injuries and leads to $15 billion in costs. This is understandable, as many jobs require workers to lift, carry, pull or throw as part of their work, all of which can be very demanding on worker’s bodies.

Slip and falls are another source of a significant number of injuries. And Illinois and much of the Midwest see many of these accidents due to winter weather with ice and snow.

In 2014, Illinois tied Michigan with 32 percent of workers’ compensation slip and fall claims related to winter conditions.

Falls from heights are also a contributor to a number of fatal workplace accidents, with workers falling from roofs, ladders or scaffolds.

In addition, all workers and employers should keep in mind that motor vehicles are a significant cause of workplace injuries, because of the ubiquity of vehicles and the wide variety of situations where workers may need to use a vehicle for work-related activity.

These injuries can occur to far more workers than simply truck drivers and delivery personnel; even an office worker driving to a store for toner could be involved in a car accident.

This is also why all employers should have electronic device-usage polices for anyone engaging in work-related driving.

Reducing workplace injuries require a commitment from both workers and employers, and the benefits are clear, with employers seeing reduced workers’ compensation expenses and workers maintain their health and earning capacity.

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