If I am injured on the job, what benefits am I entitled to?

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A serious on-the-job injury can affect all aspects of your life. Workers’ compensation insurance is provided by employers to cover employees who are injured while working. This includes medical treatment, temporary total disability benefits, permanent partial disability, vocational rehabilitation or even death benefits for spouses and dependents.

Injured employees have the right to have necessary and reasonable medical expenses covered without paying for deductibles or co-payments. Injured employees have the right see two doctors of their choosing. Referrals from one physician to another are not included in the limit of two doctors.

Lost time should be paid for within 14 days of when you first missed work. Temporary total disability payments should represent two-thirds of your gross average weekly wage. This amount is also tax-free. Permanent partial disability may be awarded depending on the injury. Vocational rehabilitation is for injured employees who cannot return to their previous job because of the aftermath of their injuries.

At Hannigan & Botha, Ltd, we know insurance companies only want to pay the least amount possible. Both of the firm’s partners used to work for the insurance companies. They left once they saw how workers who were injured were treated. This gives them a unique perspective when it comes to defending injured workers.

We aggressively prepare each injured worker’s case. Loopholes and roadblocks are avoided through our thorough case preparation. When you need an advocate after an on-the-job injury, we are ready to help.

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