What are some tips for reducing workplace injuries?

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When employees are injured, it can really take a toll on a business. Even though workers’ compensation can help an employee pay the medical expenses and return lost wages, a business has to deal with a temporary replacement for the job the worker did or possibly suffer from lower productivity.

Prevention of workplace injuries is the best way to avoid the problems that can arise when employees are injured. Here are some tips to help reduce workplace injuries.

— Analyze: Your business should be evaluated for possible safety hazards. Look at the activities your employees do and the equipment they do it with. Employees should be asked about their safety concerns.

— Engage: Make sure that safety is a culture that starts at the top. Everyone should understand that they all play a role in workplace safety. Identify specific supervisors and employees who are responsible for new safety programs and ensuring they are enforced.

— Take action: When a safety hazard is found, it should be dealt with immediately. Change the safety measure or the operation of the workplace.

— Training: Employees need training on workplace safety. They should be able to identify safety hazards. First-aid training may also be helpful.

— Monitor: Safety programs should be continuously monitored so if there is a need for changes, they can be implemented as soon as possible.

Workers who are injured while on-the-job do have recourse through workers’ compensation insurance. Besides payment for medical expenses, Illinois workers can receive replacement wages and disability pay. Families of workers who suffer fatal injuries are eligible for death benefits in most cases.

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