Food manufacturing: One of highest injury and illness rates

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one of the manufacturing industries with the highest illness and injury rates is the food manufacturing industry. The sources most common for causing illness and injury are repetitive motion, slips and trips, manual handling and being hit by moving objects.

When an investigator is trying to determine fault after an accident on-the-job, there are several issues he or she must consider. These include:

— The manufacturing process

— The manufacturing equipment

— Maintenance of the equipment

— Cleanup and sanitation of the equipment and manufacturing area

— Job description of the employee who was injured or made ill

— The training the employee received

— What the layout is for the manufacturing facility

For example, when an investigator looks at the manufacturing process and equipment that is used, he or she might notice that equipment modifications, safety bypasses, non-standard applications and workarounds have been used. The investigator may find that maintenance was not performed properly or at all. Recalls or updates on equipment may not have been taken care of.

An investigator may also find that the employee’s job description was not written properly or that there was no mention of the critical duties that are required.

Investigators into food manufacturing accidents may have a difficult time because of the complex issues involved. An in-depth understanding of the common issues that affect food manufacturing in terms of employee safety can be a huge benefit.

If you are injured or made ill at work, you have a right to seek benefits through workers’ compensation. An experienced attorney can help you learn more about workers’ compensation and other legal options you may have.

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