What are some safety tips during spring for construction workers?

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It appears that spring is here and winter has finally faded away. Almost everyone is ready for whatever weather change Mother Nature brings, but spring is certainly a favorite season.

Construction workers are often ready to see the ice, snow and cold go. Did you know that there are some safety hazards that occur more frequently in the spring? Here are a few:

— Rain: Working on slippery surfaces is dangerous. Workers need to wear boots that are slip-resistant during the spring rainy season. When that rain hits sand or dirt, mud becomes a problem and it can muddy boots even more of a hazard.

— Slippery slopes: The rain and mud can become a serious safety hazard for those operating machinery on a slope. Not only is the operator in possible danger, but so are the workers on the ground. Make sure that your machinery cannot slip or slide and end up below.

— Sunburn and dehydration: It can seem a bit strange to read about safety hazards that are usually associated with summer, but the temperatures can range from cool mornings to hot afternoons. Make sure you drink enough and protect your skin from the sun.

Construction workers are often exposed to these and many other hazards. It’s just part of the job. However, if you are injured in a construction worker accident, you can file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Should your claim be denied, an attorney can help you file an appeal. You deserve to be compensated for any lost time or partial or permanent disability.

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