What is voluntary binding arbitration in workers’ compensation?

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When you’re injured at work, you expect to be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. This coverage is supposed to provide injured workers with medical care, wage replacement, temporary and permanent disability earnings and more. If your workers’ compensation case is not approved, though, what are the next steps?

An appeal of a denied workers’ compensation claim is something that Hannigan Botha & Sievers, Ltd., can help you with. We are able to file an appeal when your case is denied and work towards a settlement that is full and fair. If an arbitration decision is appealed, it is usually because the injured party wants to receive more benefits.

If you agree to voluntary binding arbitration, the decision of the arbitrator is considered the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission’s final decision. This option is often chosen because it is faster than the traditional workers’ compensation appeal.

If you wish to request voluntary binding arbitration, then we will need to submit Form IC36 and your case will be assigned to the next status call for the arbitrator. We can help you decide is this is a choice that you should consider in your case.

When you are injured at work, not only do you suffer from the pain of your injury, but you can also suffer financially when you aren’t receiving the paychecks you are used to. At Hannigan Botha & Sievers, Ltd., we work on your workers’ compensation claim appeal so you can concentrate on your recovery. Please visit our many webpages on workers’ compensation claims and see what we can do for you.

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