What rights do injured workers have to rehabilitation?

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When most people think of rehabilitation, they likely think of something like physical therapy to help with the aftermath of an injury. However, vocational rehabilitation is also needed after an injury in many cases. For injured workers who cannot return to the work they did when they got hurt, this benefit is part of workers’ compensation insurance.

The type of vocational rehabilitation that is available to injured workers through workers’ compensation can differ significantly from state to state. Here are some examples of what a worker’s rehabilitation service might entail:

— Education and tuition payments

— Ergonomics assessments

— Assistance with job searches

— On-the-job training

— Assistance with interview techniques and skills

— Surveys on the labor market

— Assistance with job application completion and resume writing

— Vocational rehabilitation counseling

There are requirements that the employee must meet in some states, such as the requirement that he or she participates in the rehabilitation efforts. Other states do not require that an injured employee participate in vocational or physical rehabilitation.

Employers also have requirements in some states. For example, an employer may be required to pay for tuition, lost wages and room and board, as well as the living, travel and child care expenses of an employee.

If you have been injured at work, you may have a right to worker’s compensation benefits, depending on what classification of employee you are. Should your claim for workers’ compensation be denied, an experienced lawyer can help you file an appeal. You deserve to receive the benefits to which you are entitled for your injuries.

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