Common worker injuries in Illinois

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Some jobs in Illinois are more dangerous than others. Whereas most workers report to duty never thinking for a second that they are in danger of suffering a mortal wound, many more face fatal risks every single day on the job. This article will discuss some of the most common risks faced by Illinois workers.

Falling down to a lower level is one of the most prevalent worker accidents that results in serious injury. Especially in construction sites, where walls where railings may not be in place yet, workers face the risk of falling or tripping down multiple stories, which can result in death or seriously disabling injuries. Also, where workers are performing job duties on a scaffolding, there is the danger of falls.

Overexertion injuries are also particularly common. Illinois workers might be charged with moving furniture or any other kind of heavy object, like materials at a construction site. If workers are not careful, they could overexert themselves, suffer a hernia or throw their backs out of alignment. Overexertion injuries due to heavy lifting can injure a worker so badly that he or she is no longer able to perform normal and even light-duty job responsibilities.

Those who use heavy machinery of any kind face the risk of being entangled or crushed by that machinery. Heavy machinery can include vehicles, factory machines and construction equipment. Due to the risk of crushing and entanglement, workers are asked to take care around heavy machinery and always wear protective equipment and clothing.

At Hannigan & Botha, we have seen numerous workers who were hurt on the job and suffering because they were unable to perform their job duties, earn a living or pay for their medical care. This is where we can help by filing legal claims to ensure that injured workers obtain the level of workers’ compensation benefits they are qualified to receive.

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